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About Los Pobladores

Genealogy info for Bob Smith Past President of Los Pobladores

Genealogy info for Bob Smith Past President of Los Pobladores
Early California Pioneers as related to Robert E. Smith from 1769 to the year 2000. Parts of my family have been in the Californias for over 300 years with the early explores of Baja California to the explores of Alta California. Ancestry of Robert E. Smith, President/member of Los Pobladores 200, member of Los Descendientes de Santa Barbara, Los Californianos and other Early California Ancestry Organizations.
My family surnames include the following: de Ortega,Carrillo, Lopez, Quintero, Rubio, Rodriguez, Olivera (Spain, Mexico and EarlyCalifornia -1769=1781), Oliver (Boston), Breck (=1829)(Boston, and deBrecc-Scotland and England), Stewart (=1813) (Stuart-Scotland and England),and others who came after 1942 Smith (1942) (England), Kroupa and Hruby(known as Czechoslovakia in 1914 and as Austria in 1885), Tudor (England), deBruce and de Brecc (Scotland). The Stewart line meets both sides my mothers family in Scotland and England with a marriage between her …

Genealogy for Paul Guzman, past president of Los Pobladores

Genealogy for Paul Guzman, past president of Los Pobladores
I was born on May 23, 1945 in Los Angeles in the Boyle Heights area. I went to First Street, Humphries, and finally to Ford elementary school. Then I attended I.W. Griffith Jr High. Attended Garfield High graduating in 1963. I worked in the garment district after graduation.
In 1970 I started working for the Postal Service, retiring in 2000, after 30 years of service.
I am a direct descendent of three of the founding families of Los Angeles, they are Jose Moreno, Basilio Rosas, and Pablo Rodriquez. I am also a descendent of  Nieto, Ontiveros and Dominquez,  the land-grant families or “Rancho Canyon de Santa Ana” and “Rancho Los Nietos”. Im also a descendent of Prospero Dominquez a Gabrielino-Tongva who was granted the propero tract in San Gabriel, and finally a direct descendent of the Pico family.

Ronald Raymond Crosthwaite (Aka Raymond Ronald Osuna)

Ronald Raymond Crosthwaite (Aka Raymond Ronald Osuna)

(AKA) Raymond Ronald Osuna
(underlined names denote Pobladore lines)
Son of Raymond Joseph Osuna and Carrie Lillian Arguello.
He is a descendent of one of the eleven original founding families of Los Angeles. Jose Antonio Basilio Rosas, and two of the soldados, Antonio Cota (escolta) Francisco Lugo (escolta).
Basilio Rosas was born in 1714 and was married to Maria Manuela Calixtra Hernandez. Basilios’s great granddaughter, Maria de Los Dolores Rosas was married to Bonifacio Ygnacio Lopez in San Diego. Their daughter, Josefa, Maria Lopez, married Philip Crosthwaite and their daughter, Josefa married Julio Osuna.
Julio Osuna is the son of Leandro Osuna and Francisca Marron. Their son Ramon Nacho is the father of Raymond Joseph who is the father of Raymond Ronald. Raymond’s mother married a second time and she chose, unknowingly, it is assumed, his fathers cousin who was a Crosthwaite. Raymond’s middle name was then changed to become …