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Los Pobladores 200 | Descendants of the founders, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, 1781 » Guidelines For Membership

Guidelines For Membership

Full membership shall be open to any person or spouse (C.C.), directly descended from any of the eleven founding families, or descendended from the four military escorts which accompanied them from Mission San Gabriel to the founding of the City of Los Angeleson September 4, 1781.  Additionally descendants for the Soldiers who accomapnied the Pobladores from New Spain (Mexico) to Mission San Gabriel shall be considered for Associate Membership.

You may submit copies of  your genealogy charts to our Genealogist of the organziation, Robert Lopez. (310) 670-0636 email
Membership fees/dues are as follows:

New Member - $17.00 (which includes the Los Pobladores pin)
Yearly renewal – $12.00
Life Membership – $150.00
We have meetings approximately every other month at historic sites or various member’s homes. Newsletter subscriptions are also available for researchers who are non-members for $5.00 per year.


Soldados who accompanied the Pobladores from New Spain to Mission San Gabriel:

  • Mzximo Alanis
  • Ildefonso Dominguez
  • Isidro German
  • Filipe Gonzalez
  • Jose Julian Guerrero
  • Justo Lorenzo Hernandez
  • Juan Antonio Ibarra
  • Manuel Yganacio Lugo
  • Juan Matias Olivas
  • Jose Antonio Ontiveros
  • Jose Polanco
  • Joaquin Rodriguez
  • Juan Maria Romero
  • Francisco Xavier Sepulveda
  • Eugenio Valdez
  • Jose Manuel Valenzuela
  • Juan Jose Villalobo
  • Jose DarioArguello
  • Francisco Xavier Calbo
  • Jose Xavier Cortes
  • Jose Miguel Espinosa
  • Juan Victorino Feliz
  • Jose Rosalino Fernandez
  • Diego Gonzales
  • Francisco Juarez
  • Augustin de Leyba
  • Gaspar Lopez
  • Jose Manuel Machado
  • Jose Maria Martinez
  • Juan Ygnacio Martinez
  • Francisco Xavier Mejias
  • Juan Norberto Mejias
  • Pedro Jose Mejias
  • Juan Andres Hilario Montiel
  • Francisco Ontiveros
  • Jose Antonio Basilio Parra
  • Jose Victor Patino
  • Vicente Quijada
  • Ygnacio Rochin
  • Jose Ygnacio Rodriguez
  • Jose Esteban Romero
  • Efigenio Ruiz
  • Fractuoso Maria Ruiz
  • Jose Pedro Loreto Salazar
  • Jose Maria Gil Samaniego
  • Jose Tadeo Sanchez
  • Guillermo de Soto
  • Jose Melesio Valdez
  • Pedro Gabriel Valenzuela
  • Jose AntonioMaria Velarde
  • Juan Jose Villa
  • Ramon Ybarra