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Soldiers (accompanied by their families) who escorted Pobladores to El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Soldiers (accompanied by their families)  who escorted Pobladores to El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Some of the soldiers who accompanied the Pobladores and other settlers from Mexico, also settled in California, some became prominent citizens, large Spanish landgrant owners, commanders of the Presidios in California, and even a governor. These soldiers were later assigned to the Presidios in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey, and San Francisco. In Los Angeles alone their was 71 people including soldiers, settlers and their children.


  1. Corporal Jose Vicente Feliz, born about 1741, at Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, where he married Maria Ygnacia Manuela Pinuelas in 1758, and where their six children were born. He came to Alta California with the Anza Expedition in 1775. On the way to Ca. near Tubac, Mexico,on the Anza Trail, their son, Jose Antonio was born, but his wife, Maria Ygnacia died in childbirth. She was buried in Nov.1775 at San Xavier del Bac Mission, Sonora Mexico. The child, Jose Antonio arrived safely along with his brothers and sisters with the Expedition at the San Gabriel Mission on January 4,1776, but he died nine months later. Another son, Jose de Jesus Feliz, born about 1764, at Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, married Maria Celia Bonifacia de Cota,(daughter of Roque Jacinto de Cota and Juana Maria Verdugo) born about1759, at the Royal Presidio of Loreto, Baja California.
  2. Private Pablo Antonio de Cota, born about 1744, at the Presidio of El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico, the son of Andres Cota and Angela de Leon. He married Rosa Maria de Lugo on 30th November, 1776, at the San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Mission, Alta California. Pablo Antonio de Cota served as a Soldado(soldier) de Cuera of the 1769 Portola Expedition to the Bay of Monterey, Alta California, accompanying Sargeant Jose Francisco de Ortega and Father Junipero Serra. He served as a corporal at the San Antonio Mission from 1778 to 1779. Escort for the Pobladores on Sept.4th 1781 to the Pueblo de Los Angeles, and sergeant of the escolta at San Buenaventura Mission from 1782 to 1787.
    In 1788, he was promoted to alferez (sub-lieutenant/teniente), and retired to Santa Barbara where he died on December 30, 1800. Rosa Maria de Lugo died January 9, 1797 and was buried at the Santa Barbara Mission. They had nine children with their first born at the San Antonio Mission, the others born at Missions and Presidio’s of Monterey, San Gabriel, and Santa Barbara in Alta California.
  3. Private Roque Jacinto de Cota, born about 1724, at El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico, the eldest son of Andres de Cota and Angela de Leon. He married Juana Maria Verdugo, born about 1740, at the Loreto Mission a small fishing port in Baja, Ca.He died on Sep.29, 1798, in San Fernando, Alta California, she died May 13, 1835, in Los Angeles, California.
    Roque Jacinto de Cota served as an escort for the Pobladores from the San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo de La Reina de los Angeles on Sept. 4, 1781. He is the founder of the older Cota family in Alta California.
  4. Private Francisco Salvador de Lugo, born about 1740, at Villa de Sinaloa, Sinaloa, Mexico. He married Juana Maria Rita Martinez, born about 1745, at Villa de Sinaloa, Sinaloa Mexico. She was the daughter of Jose Maria Martinez and Maria Josefa Vianazul. He died on May 16, 1805 in Santa Barbara, she died on March 23,1790, in Santa Barbara. His daughter, Rosa Maria de Lugo, born about 1760, at Villa de Sinaloa, Sinaloa, Mexico, married Pablo Antonio de Cota on November 30,1776, at the Mission San Luis Obispo, Alta California.
    He was recruited by Captain Rivera in 1774 and arrived at the San Gabriel Mission in 1775. He was stationed in San Luis Obispo and the Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara until 1781, when he served as an escort from the San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo de Los Angeles on September 4, 1781.


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