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La Placita Chruch

Skullduggery Still Dominates In Discovery To Unanswered Questions To A Forgotton Downtown Los Angeles Gravesite.

By. Alfred “Ed Moch” Cota & Robert E. Smith

In what was first reported by construction workers as a simple discovery of human bone fragments and artifacts scattered in a lot that once was part of a larger Historic Cemetary that existed in The Los Angeles El Pueblo Historic District in October of 2010, the additional later discovery of full body remains and coffins changed the site to a rare historic find which waxed back to the days when The Great City of Los Angeles was a simple Pueblo and Native American Village. In what may be the find of the decade, this gravesite poses more questions than answeres as to why and how such a discovery was overlooked for so many decades, and for recent construction personnel and staff to playdown and userp political control over the site that has historic rammifications far exceeding the effort to coverup and hide reporting errors.

According to old cemetary records, The Old El Pueblo Plaza Cemetary was dismantled and all it’s remains relocated to other Los Angeles Cemeteries as far back as the 1840′s has now been made questionable if how many (If at all) any remains were moved? It is noted that many Early Native American, Historic Pueblo Citizens and Early American Pioneers were buried there. What adds to this mystery is the fact that the old cemetary site was also an ancient Native American burial site that may be as old as over Eight Thousands years.
Due to errors in reporting, some of these graves were disturbed, removed from their burial sites and examined without proper permission to both Natiive American and Pueblo descendants, opening the possibility of various violations to a Archeilogical and Historic site.

At this time, public officials and family descendants are scrambling in various meetins to discern what went wrong in the reporting errors and if this was accidental or if it was deliberate for political reasons. This coming Thursday, January, 20th. 2011, there will be a special meeting at The Los Angeles County Supervisors Office Building with various Officials and Family Descendant Members of both Native American and Pueblo Descendants as to what will be done to correct not only the errors, but get to the bottom of why there was a extended delays that has taken so long for the designated family descents and specialized agencies to be correctly notified.


Recent Pictures taken by Bob Smith- January 2011




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