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Los Pobladores 200 | Descendants of the founders, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, 1781 » Uncategorized » NO MEETING AT OLVERA STREET ON THURSDAY JANUARY 5th!!


THERE IS NO MEETING AT OLVERA STREET ON THURSDAY JANUARY 5th.  A BOARD Meeting will be held on Saturday January 7th at noon at Bob Lopez’s.  THIS IS NOT a  General Meeting but an important meeting for the Board of Directors President Maria Benitez, Vice President  Paul Guzman, Treasurer Irene Hastings, Past President Bob Lopez  and Jeri.  One of the Board members Bob Smith has sent an email wherein he has resigned as Board Member.  This and other very important items need to be discussed.  We are half way through the process of getting the Suspension taken off of the Corporation.  There is a group of members calling themselves LOS POBLADORES 1781.  They are not our organization and have no business using our name.  And this too needs to be addressed.  I will send a newsletter via email next week, we will not be printing and mailing newsletters any more as it has become too expensive, and this is another matter the Board needs to address.  I will keep you all informed about all of the issues involved next week after our meeting.  Once again there is NO meeting at Olvera street, but there will be a Board Meeting on Saturday.

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