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More News About The Reburial Of The Remains Of Our Ancestors

A meeting was held on Tuesday September 27, 2011 for the purpose of voting on a resolution stating our Organizations position in regards to the reburial of the remains of our Ancestors at the Cemetery.  Your officers and several members who were in attendance agreed that the following request be made:

1. The reburial at the site from which they were removed.

2. A Catholic Ceremony be held at the time of the reburials

3. A memorial be set up at the site the details to be worked out at a later time.

The Secretary composed this request and sent it to the County as our Official Request and stand on the matter.

There is much happening at the moment, so we no longer need any further letters, emails or phone calls.  Thank everyone who sent an email or made a phone call, we have heard that the response from our and the other organizations involved was tremendous.  As events happen we will do our best to keep you updated.  We are planning another meeting the afternoon of October 8th, time and location information will be sent out soon.  Please try to attend.  Thank you very much.

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